Q. What changes can be requested to publication data stored in the Weizmann Publication Database (WPD)?

Will the Library

  • change metadata or data format for me?
  • add additional articles for me?
  • add old articles or other types of publications for me?


Publication Policies

The Library is currently in the process of transitioning to a new CRIS* system:  Pure, from Elsevier.

The below policies are relevant while the old system remains in use:

Metadata doesn't change

Is the article or journal title all in uppercase, capital letters?  

Since, the Library cannot guarantee that changes to the metadata in the database will not be overwritten by a later update, this change can be made by Internet Services.

If there are mistakes or inaccuracies, for example, how an author name is spelled, the researcher should contact World of Science (WoS).

When are articles added?

Can the Library add an epub ahead of print?  

Currently, the Library only takes metadata from WoS, so it is best if articles are not added to the database until they appear in WoS.  

Also, pre-publication data is often incomplete and this can cause display issues.  

If there is an urgent need for an article to be added ahead of publication, we can make an exception.  

What types of material are added?

See What is included in the Weizmann Publication Database? 

Can publications not found in WoS be added?

As mentioned above, content is taken from WoS only.  

Regarding new publications which are likely to be published in the new future, see above response.

Internet Services can add individual publications from other sources which are not expected to be added to WoS.  Examples include non-peer-reviewed journals and books, Wikipedia articles, Russian-language articles from 30 years ago.

Can publications that I wrote before starting work at Weizmann be added?

Yes, by request only.  

The process automatically harvests publications written by Weizmann employees which includes their Weizmann affiliation during their employment at Weizmann. 

Please note that if you have a dual affiliation, you will need to tell the Library about that special situation.  Publications from another institution, even though published in your name while working at Weizmann, will not be included automatically.  

Can I provide an article link?

The WPD links to articles on the publisher's site and/or the open access versions in order to avoid copyright issues.  

It does happen that an author publishes in a database which is not available either from a subscribed publisher database or open access.  In such cases, the Library, together with the author, will try to obtain a legal copy from another source and provide a link to a local copy of that article.  

In Summary

Once Pure is being used, all or most of these decisions will be up to the researcher (unless otherwise noted and subject to administrative considerations)

If there are questions, please email library@weizmann.ac.il

* CRIS = Current Research Information System


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