Q. Why isn’t my publication list accurate?



[1] The article is available online but not yet indexed in Web of Science

Meta-Data for the Weizmann publication database is harvested weekly from Web of Science. An article won’t show up on your publication page until it has been indexed by Web of Science and harvested by the library.

[2] Weizmann is not listed as your Institutional Affiliation

The automatic harvesting mechanism currently uses the Institutional Affiliation field in Web of Science to identify titles for harvesting. If you were affiliated with a different institution at the time the article was published or did not list Weizmann, the title will not be included in the automatic update. If you want the title to be added, report the article title and DOI to the library and it will be included in the next harvest.

[3] Inconsistent and inaccurate author name forms in public databases are a huge problem.

The Weizmann Library harvests publications metadata from Web of Science.

Author name inaccuracies or inconsistencies in the Weizmann Publication Database (WPD) come directly from databases, indexes, and lists everywhere including Web of Science, Google Scholar, and PubMed. 

Library staff invest time in cleaning and updating the WPD in order to provide more accurate information to scientists’ publication web sites, however we cannot update Web of Science or any other index. 

Please do not hesitate to report missing publications from your list.  We often do not know that a problem exists in the WPD until it has been reported.

[4] The HR database sometimes changes the identification number (PersonalID) associated with an employee when their status changes.

This problem is internal to Weizmann.  Since the Library is not informed of such changes, it is possible for one group of articles to be associated with an old Personal ID and another group of articles to be associated with a new Personal ID.  We are working with HR to find a solution.  Meanwhile, if your status has changed at Weizmann, please check if your Personal ID changed, too.  If it has, notify the Library.  

What else can you do?

  • It is your interest to use a single consistent form of your name, allowing your publications to be retrieved easily and consistently.
  • Tools like ResearcherID and ORCID exist to help researchers to control a single name form and link all past, present and future articles to that name.
  • The Library encourages all scientists to register for an ID and “claim” all publications. For more information please visit the Researcher ID website and the ORCID website.

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