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I am currently preparing my file for tenure, based on instructions I received from the Academic Secretary.  In the instructions, it says that the Library can help prepare the publications list in the required format, including citations.  Is this help available?


The Library can assist with the following tasks:

The list of publications  

[1a] must be numbered

[1b] must be sorted from oldest to newest (aka, ascending order by publication year)

[2a] must include all author names in the original order

[2b] must include first and last page number or the article number

[3a] must include the full article title

[3b] must include the publication year

[3c] must include the exact reference 

[3d] if possible, should include the URL as a link

[4] should include contribution statements when they are present in the original article (e.g., "Shimon and Levy are corresponding authors").  Note that the Library currently records these when found, but a check of old articles to add this information, will require additional work.  This can be done on request, but please allow sufficient time for long publication lists. 

[7] must include updates to articles (addendum / erratum / corrigendum / author correction) as a note after the original article

[8] must be separated into 2 sections (if relevant), the first including articles and the second including refereed articles, invited reviews, book chapters, Invited editorials, commentaries, edited
and original books, etc.

[12a] must include citations for the 5 most cited articles.  Citations can be provided in a separate file (Excel, Web of Science source).  This will be sorted in descending order by number of citations per article and will cover all years since the article was published to present, unless otherwise requested.  

This list is based on our current knowledge of the publications list requirements.  If there are additional requirements not listed above, please ask about those services specifically and we will check if they can be provided.



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