Q. How can I get an Open Access APC Discount?

APC = Article Publishing Charge


The Weizmann Library negotiates with publishers in an effort to lower APC costs for Weizmann authors and has achieved some initial discount agreements (read more about 100% discounts).

In order to support this process, from 1 September 2019, The Weizmann Institute has decided to provide a 20% discount to all authors who pay their APC via the Library.  At the end of 6 months, the program will be re-evaluated for extension.

How to get the Discount

There are 2 options:

  1. the Library pays taking 20% from the APC budget and 80% from the author's budget
  2. the author pays and then receives a 20% refund from the APC budget to the author's budget

Option 1 The Library Pays

  1. the author, or their representative, forwards the article acceptance email and invoice, showing the APC amount, to the Library
  2. the Library sends an official response confirming the amount of the discount and the share of the APC to be paid from the author’s budget
  3. the author, or their representative, provides a budget number for their share of the APC via an Internal Services form (found at Library site > Forms > Open access publication with a departmental budget)
  4. the Library processes the APC payment, taking 80% from the author’s budget and 20% from the APC discount budget and sends a confirmation email confirming payment

Option 2 The Author Pays

  1. the author, or their representative, pays the APC, then forwards to the Library
    1. a copy of the article acceptance email including the APC amount
    2. a copy of the paid invoice
    3. a budget number to receive the 20% APC refund
  2. the Library refunds the 20% from the APC budget to the author's budget and sends a confirmation email specifying the amount refunded

In both cases, the article is entered in the Weizmann Research Publications Database.

This will help the Library consolidate data about existing demand for APCs and grant requirements.  That data will strengthen the Institute’s negotiating position with publishers. 

All discount agreements with publishers will be integrated seamlessly.  If, in the future, the Library negotiates a publisher discount larger than 20%, the author’s discount will automatically be increased for that publisher. 

More information about specific journals and vendor agreements is available in the Library's Journals and Open Access FAQs @ https://weizmann.libanswers.com/oajournals/

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