Q. How can I book a Study Room?

Need a room to meet with a small group?
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The Weizmann Library currently offers 8 study rooms in the Central Library @ Weitz Building.

Room #1 is always open for use by individuals. The other 7 study rooms can be booked via our user-friendly online system or via Outlook (the rooms' name is "Central library study room").  These room reservations are reflected in the room’s Outlook calendar.

There are 2 category of study rooms:

  • rooms #2-6 must be ordered at least 8 hours in advance
  • rooms #7-8 can be booked at any time. Please note: these rooms MUST be booked to be used. To prevent any unpleasant situations when more than one group claims the rights for a room's use, please make your reservation as soon as possible.

​Study Room Booking Rules

  1. Only Weizmann students, scientists, or employees can book the rooms
  2. Up to 4 hours per day may be booked by the same person 
  3. Up to 3 slots may be booked simultaneously, but for different days
  4. Priority will be given to groups who wish to study together over individuals wishing a private room
  5. If any change in plan occurs, you are expected to modify or cancel your reservation accordingly.

How To Book a Study Room

  1. From the booking page, select the Location where you wish to book a room (aka space).
  2. Select the Category of space you wish to book.
  3. Use the Capacity dropdown to filter the list based on how many people can be accommodated.
  4. Navigate to the date when you want to book a space.
    1. Use the Go to Date button to select a specific date.
    2. Use the Back (<) and Forward (>) buttons to navigate between weeks.
    3. If there are no available times in the current view, the Next Available button will appear. Clicking this button will jump you to the next available time slot.

Location, Category, Capacity, and date navigation options

  1. Click on an available time slot for a space to start a booking at that time.
    • Use the horizontal scroll bar to view additional times in the grid.
  2. For the selected room, you can select a different due time from the dropdown menu.
    • To remove the room from your booking, click its trash can icon button.
  3. Click the Submit Times button.

Selecting and submitting times

  1. Review any terms & conditions for this space, then click Continue.
    • To modify your booking, click the Change link under the Booking Details.

The Continue button below the terms and conditions

  1. Fill out the booking form.
  2. Click the Submit my Booking button.

Submitting a booking form

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