Q. Tell me more about "Department Library" books

I have some books that I bought with my own budget.  

How are these listed in the Library?

Can I find them in search results?

Can I get a list of all of the books?

What if another Weizmann scientist wants to borrow one?


Books ordered on your departmental budget are on "permanent loan" to you while you remain at the Institute and are referred to as "Department Library", "Office Library", or "Personal Library" books. 


Seeing Your Books in the Library Catalog (Primo) Results

In the past, these books were usually suppressed from displaying in the Library catalog search results (Primo https://weizmann-primo.hosted.exlibrisgroup.com/primo-explore/search?tab=default_tab&search_scope=default_scope&vid=972WIS_V1), but from 15 April 2018, they are once again being listed as by default.

This will allow other Weizmann staff to see the book details in their search results and also see that it is currently on loan. 

ONLY Library staff will be able to see WHO holds the book. 


What if Another Weizmann Scientist Requests a Book in My Office Library?

If a permanently loaned book is requested by another staff member, the Library will provide the necessary contact information so that the requester can request the book from you directly.

You can temporarily loan them the book, if you choose to do so. 

If you do not wish to loan the book, simply send the requester back to the Library and we will help them find the requested book via another route.


If You Do NOT Want the Books in Your Office Library Displayed in Search Results 

If you do not want a book to be visible in search results for other Weizmann staff, please notify us and we will move it to a “closed” collection, meaning that it will no longer be searchable. 


How Can I Keep Track of Books I've Loaned to Other Weizmann People?

Recommended practice: 

Every Weizmann book has a Library card inside (if yours doesn't, please contact the Library, library@weizmann.ac.il, and we can fix this). 

If you agree to loan a book, you can write the name of the person who borrowed it on this card and keep the card in your records until the book is return -- then just return the card to the book and the book to your shelf.

If you prefer to have the Library handle the loan, you will need to notify Library staff of the loan and we can officially loan the book to the other person.

If you want this book returned to your Office Library at the end of the loan, the Library can place a hold request on it.  The temporary borrower will receive reminders until the book is returned. 


Your Book Loan List

From 15 Apr 2018, new Office Library books will also be listed in your loans.  That way, if you request a list of the books you currently have on loan, the Library will be able to include them in that list, too.

This does not mean that the Office Library books must be returned any time soon.  The loan period for these books is 20 years and the Library will be happy to renew them for you after 20 years.


Why are Some Books in My Office Library Not Listed in My Loan List?

Only books purchased after 15 Apr 2018 will be automatically loaned to you.

If you have an Office Library collection from before that date and would like to have all those books listed in search results and appearing on your loan list, please contact the Library (library@weizmann.ac.il) so we can inventory your collection and confirm the titles before listing them in the Catalog.  


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