Q. What are different Open Access versions of publications?

Open Access (OA) Terminology


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Green OA

= self-archived, usually preliminary, version of an article

Authors provide access to pre-publication or post-publication versions with permission from the publisher.

These can usually be found in subject or disciplinary repositories (e.g., arXiv, PubMed Central) or institutional repositories (WIS OA Repository search).  Web of Science, for example, does not link to green versions unless they have been accepted for publication.

Gold OA

= freely accessible FINAL version of an article

These publications are open and accessed via the journal or publisher's website

These can either be published in a journal which publishes only Open Access articles or in a journal which, usually for a fee, allows individual Open Access articles to be published in an otherwise subscription-based journal.  

Versions and Embargo

These versions may be gold (publisher website) or green (other website)

Pre-print = Early draft. The paper has been submitted to a publisher but has yet to be peer-reviewed or accepted.  

Other terms: Author original, Author's version, Submitted version  

Post-print = Peer-reviewed version, accepted, but may not yet be formatted by the publisher.  Accepted manuscripts may vary from the final published version.

Other terms: Accepted manuscript, Final draft, Accepted version, Refereed.

Published version = Final version. Peer-reviewed, published in a journal, and formatted by the publisher.

Other terms: Publisher's version, Version of record

Embargo = Delayed Open Access. Some subscription journals make all their content Open Access after a specified period of time has passed. 

How Do I Know Publisher Policy?

Visit SHERPA/RoMEO to check self-archiving, embargo, and copyright policies for specific publishers and publications.

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